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But I might judge you if you hand out five stars all willy nilly. 

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Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

Okay, so this book is what you would get if you crossed:



with You've Got Mail:



Only, it's these two best friends emailing each other:


and he's spying on their email conversation (because that's his job… he's the 'no personal email at work' enforcer guy) which causes him to accidentally fall in love with one of them.


 And also, Tom Hank's character lives with his mother and plays Dungeons & Dragons on the weekend.


Seriously, though-- this was a cute read! I didn't swoon for it as hard as Fangirl, and I took a few breaks, but I also laughed, or at least smiled a little, on every single page. I wasn't shocked by the ending, it was sort of inevitable, but Rainbow Rowell made me work to get there and every time I thought something was going to happen, she faked me out. Just strung me along, forcing me to snatch up bread crumbs to get to the very worthwhile finale.


There is just something about the way that Rainbow writes that makes you feel as though she knows everything. She knows how people think and how they communicate and she is able to capture it with words. She is witty and her characters always feel authentic. This isn't my favorite book of hers, but I'm still a big a fan. I'm adding it to my 'Cotton Candy Reads' shelf because it's light and sweet and enjoyable without being heavy.