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I do not have time to read, but the books just keep getting stuck to my face. UF, HF, YA, fluffy romance, whatever. I love it all.


But I might judge you if you hand out five stars all willy nilly. 

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Holy Frick, I almost forgot

Just One Year  - Gayle Forman

I've been waiting for this book for six months now, and with it being October I was like:


And then tonight as I'm getting ready for bed, I remember that release day is today  and I forgot. 




Don't read this next part if you haven't read the first book yet. Do you hear me? It contains predictions that could be spoilery for you. Also, why haven't you read the first book yet?!


I'm downloading this book as we speak... well, as I speak, or type, or whatever, and I am not going to get much sleep tonight because I have got to know:


1. What the heck happened to Willem when he left Allyson?


2. Did he get amnesia and forget her completely or just for a little while?


3. Who the hell is that girl with the sunflowers? I hate her already. 


4. What is he going to do when he finds Allyson standing on his doorstep, a newly forged world traveler who crossed several countries looking for him?


5. Do he and Allyson get a HEA or is this just a coming-of-age tale studded with romance to string me along while Allyson discovered herself? Because that is going to really tick me off. I signed up for a HEA dammit. 


Augh! Why am I still writing this stupid post, I need to start reading my book. Sleep is overrated. 


**POST READ EDIT** I have now finished this book and prediction #5 took the money. A coming-of-age tale that left me in the lurch. You can read my review here *sigh*