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Heller's Punishment (Heller, #4) - J.D. Nixon I've read this whole series this week, and though I obviously was sucked in and had to know what happened, the enjoyment factor plummeted dramatically the more twisted Tilly and Heller's relationship became. It is such an unhealthy almost abusive relationship I don't even get excited for them to interact anymore. I don't know how to hide spoilers from the goodreads app so I won't say much more, but the way some of the characters behaved in this book were just bizarre. Tilly did things I would have sworn she had too much self-respect and compassion to do, which made me sick, and Hellers character has become this automated anamatron who has none of the redeeming qualities from the first couple books. I believe another reviewer called him a male prostitute, which is very apt, and who wants the man she's in love with shagging anything that moves if it will help his business? I shut my emotions off from Heller somewhere in the second book, probably after he made Hilly deliver those pictures to her brother, so it doesn't affect me personally, but it sure as hell should affect Tilly more. It's just gross. And unhealthy. and she had this one shining moment when she could have walked out with her self respect and really taught him a lesson, and it lasted like two hours. Did I already say its an unhealthy relationship? Unless I read the reviews for the next book and find out Tilly moved out of the warehouse, got her head on straight, made Heller wear a condom or at least get screened for stds (seriously, hundreds and hundred of women he's slept with! So gross) and ideally dumped his ass, I just won't care. She could wind up with any number of guys from the books (can Meile please come back to life?) and i would be happy, but the way she behaved with Will and the way she lets heller treat her makes me think she deserves what she gets.