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It's Frigid... put on a shirt

Frigid - J. Lynn,  Jennifer L. Armentrout

I don't know if its just that I've read way too many J.Lynn/Armentrout books in the last couple months, or if I'm burned out on the NA genre already, or maybe because it's July and this book is set in a snow storm, but I'm adding this book to my "great shelf of meh."

I feel like I've read it all before. Probably because I have.

  • There was a hot boy with dark hair. His eyes were brown in this book, though, not blue or green, so I guess she's changing it up.
  • There were abs. Serious abs. An eight pack of abs.
  • There were several oaths using some sort of reference to babies... "For the love of babies everywhere!" or "I wanted to cry like a fat, ugly baby" I don't really understand it, but there will be a baby reference in every Jennifer Armentrout book you read, mark my words.

Other than that, the story itself wasn't terrible, it was just sort of middle of the road and there wasn't much that made me want to keep turning pages. The subplot with them being sabotaged during a snowstorm wasn't even a mystery, we all knew who it was from the beginning... well, except for Kyler and Sydney. They were pretty surprised. It felt a little silly and overly dramatic when the majority of the book really centered on Kyler and Sydney working out their changing relationship once they were snowed in. They had a lot of issues to work through and could have spent more time actually doing that if J.Lynn wasn't busy trying to make the book more exciting. My main nit pick: Kyler's "past" was the main reason that they had never been together, even though they've supposedly loved eachother since childhood, but Sydney is able to forget all that because

he tells her he has never ever done it with a girl face-to-face, only from behind? That's not only unbelievable, it's dumb. He's slept with hundreds of girls at least, but she should feel special because he's never done it missionary without a condom? *insert eye roll here*

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I dunno. I think I just like a little more mystery in my books. I want to wonder how it will end, and be excited to flip pages to get there. These NA college romances can be sweet, but they can also be predictable. If you don't mind knowing how it will end from the get-go, and you want a little escapism, then go for it. I didn't find anything special about this one though.