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I do not have time to read, but the books just keep getting stuck to my face. UF, HF, YA, fluffy romance, whatever. I love it all.


But I might judge you if you hand out five stars all willy nilly. 

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The Untold
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The Bronze Horseman
Tatiana and Alexander
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Mark of the Lion Trilogy
Redeeming Love
The Hunger Games
The Winter Rose
Daughter Of The Forest
Rules of Civility
Just One Day
True Love Story
The Fault in Our Stars
How to Kill a Rock Star
The Shadow Reader
Unravel Me
Clockwork Princess

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Suhweeeeet! Progress for audiobooks

As an audiobook lover, it's often frustrated me that Goodreads had no progress option for minutes or hours. And then today I saw this happy little sight when updating one of my books:



And yes, it took a little brain power to figure out how many minutes are in my audiobook, but my head did not explode. 



This pleases me.