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I do not have time to read, but the books just keep getting stuck to my face. UF, HF, YA, fluffy romance, whatever. I love it all.


But I might judge you if you hand out five stars all willy nilly. 

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Plastic Hearts (Hearts, #1) - Lisa De Jong I looked at the stats on this book today and realized I am one of 3, count them three, people who have given this book one star. Out of like, a bazillion. So I should probably at least try to explain myself. This isn't a bad book, in the sense that the characters didn't make me feel murderous or apalled and they didn't do anything so outlandish that it just went beyond belief. The writing wasn't terrible. It was just your run-of-the-mill "cute working-class boy meets rich snobby virgin who jerks his chain for most of the book because of her family drama and co-dependency but he loves her anyways because she's so darn cute." Only more stupid. So stupid I lost my mind at about 52% and skimmed the last half, basically putting it in the DNF category. This status update I left while reading it pretty much sums up my feelings in a nutshell:"So he made her a sculpture, she burst into tears and ran away. He took her on a nice date, and then made the mistake of asking her for a second date. She stormed off and slammed the door in his face. Two days later: I want you to be my girl. And her response? Ok I'm yours!!! I am so confused."I don't know why I had such a strong aversion to this book. Maybe I had PMS. Or maybe I just felt like someone was playing a joke on me. The insane amount of five-star reviews had me expecting something really epic, but it was just shy of mediocre. It actually caused me to un-friend someone who gave it an intensely gushing five stars, because clearly we have way different expectations from our reads and that is just an insult to five-star books everywhere.