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Succubus Blues - Richelle Mead I've been avoiding this book for a while. Amazon kept suggesting it based on other books I loved, and I kept rejecting it because the cover and book description didn't seem like my cup of tea. How can you get involved in the love life of a succubus? Arn't they basically the prostitutes of the paranormal world? Ick.I was wrong.I don't know how she did it, but Richelle Mead made me believe her world and like her heroine. Georgina is a succubus, but she was once human and traded her mortality to "fix" a terrible wrong. Now she's stuck for eternity doing something she hates and trying to pretend she's human again. I loved Georgina's witty and likeable personality, and the supporting characters in this series are great (vampires, angels, demons, cute human authors who write amazing books, hot college professors who can salsa, and a crazy lady who owns a cheesy new-age shop and has it in for Georgina). I really enjoyed that it wasn't a rip-roaring action-packed murder mystery from start to finish. It is romance, but the kind that gives you butterflies, not heart palpitations. And that was a welcome change.I didn't always like what Georgina did, sometimes it made me cringe, but a good writer can carry you along with the heroine and let you understand her, even when you don't like what she's doing. She is a succubus after all.After reading this book I'm now really sorry that I didn't give it a chance sooner, but I'm thrilled that there are more books in the series to jump right into. I can't wait to get into book 2 and find out what's next for Georgina, Seth, Carter, and the rest. This is one of those books that made me say "WOW, that was really good" when I turned the last page. So if you've been putting it off because the premise seemed unappealing, I encourage you to give it a try. You might be pleasantly surprised like I was.****UPDATE*** I'm editing this review to include the fact that I gave up on this series in book three. I really like Richelle Meade, but unfortunately her books thrive on relationship triangles, and the stress of it eventually became too much for me. I gave up on the Storm Born series after two books too, for the same reason. If relationship drama doesn't bother you, you will love this series.