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Glow - Amy Kathleen Ryan I've heard this book is being compared to The Hunger Games and Divergent, and that is what originally made me pick it up. I *loved* those two books. This one, however, left me... bored and annoyed. If you're looking for the next Hunger Games, this isn't it.The overall concept sounded very exciting and original: Two gigantic space ships that are capable of sustaining life for an 80+ year voyage are launched from Earth and sent to colonize a new planet. After 43 years, the two ships meet up in the middle of a nebula, the crew from one ship boards the other by force, steals all their female children (including the toddlers) and then leaves the other ship drifting in space with nothing but teenage boys to man it.The plot definitely had my attention and I was all settled in for a great read, but about four chapters in I was starting to wonder where this was going. By separating the boys and girls, you start to get a bit of a Lord of the Flies situation going on one ship, with the boys turning on eachother in bewildering and unrealistic ways, while the girls on the other ship are basically resisting assimilation into a cult. That could have been interesting in itself, but instead it just gave me the creeps.I think overall this book lacked balance. In the Hunger Games or Divergent, I was able to forget that the main characters were teenagers. I got swept up in the story and just enjoyed the ride. With this book, however, I never forgot for a moment that these were supposed to be 15 & 16 year old kids and it just made it feel... wrong. The heaviness of the plot was never lifted with any moments of levity and hope; it was just dreary and aggravating from start to finish, and there was a lot of ant-religious undertone that surprised me as well.By the time I got to the end I was rolling my eyes at the weird and inexplicable behavior of some of the characters and had lost all respect for the heroine. I know there are sequels coming, but I won't be reading them because, frankly, I just don't really care what happens to these characters. If you're like me, a mom looking to escape into a YA book for a while, there are better ones out there. There's a lot of hype surrounding this book, but unfortunately, that's what it is~ hype.