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I do not have time to read, but the books just keep getting stuck to my face. UF, HF, YA, fluffy romance, whatever. I love it all.


But I might judge you if you hand out five stars all willy nilly. 

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The Shadow Reader - Sandy Williams I'm giving this five stars just for being mind numbingly entertaining and keeping me up till the wee hours. I had forgotten how much I love a good urban fantasy because I was so burnt out on weres and vamps, but this take on the Fae was really refreshing. It has a love triangle, which normally annoys me, but mcKenzie is a smarter heroine than most and she isn't jerking people around. I liked that she was strong and loyal, but not invincible and really kind of sucked at defending herself. can't wait to read the next one.... Although I do have to say, what is UP with that cover? I'm pretty sure I passed this book by several times just because of the ass on the front. glad I eventually gave it a chance.